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"Angeli" (Angels)
Lugo, Palazzo del Commercio, 23rd December 2001 - 6th January 2002

The objects, majolica sculptures, particularly the Cretan landscapes, produced with outstanding creativeness and technical skill, show how the artist is awed by the island on which Mediterranean civilisation developed, and where he lived when it was still uncontaminated.
To conclude, Goffredo Gaeta brings a “poor” material to sculpture and the technical skill of ceramics with the assurance of one who really knows what will be displayed through firing, together with masses, colour and light.
His sculptural work is the fruit of a project and a well-organised, skilful technique; the figures, the images which are strongly contextualised and give life to architecture in which the iconographic and plastic content prove true.

Prof. Arch. Francesco Zurli - Superintendent for the Monuments of Rome, Ravenna and Verona