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"Exhibition in Brussels"
Brussels from 24th November to 1st December 2006

Colour, light, wind and sea are the supporting elements to Goffredo Gaeta’s art. The life of the earth, offered in the humus of clay, returns with a new image, through the creativeness of the artist and enlivening action of fire.
The soul of nature stimulates optical and tactile perception from ceramic panels, luminous and iridescent, to which the figurative appearance fixes movement and diffuses the atmospheric consistency of reliefs moulded through the knowledge of iconic processing.
The pathos of creative lyric takes substance in the dynamism of a space-time which has been checked in the universal moment of artistic utterance. Here a process of abstraction joins, inducing visual perception in the imagined changeability of the shape. Thus, the appearance of the large waves metamorphoses continuously, in huge, absolute circularity.
The “glass” develops when the essence abandons the solidity of matter and becomes the transparency of chromatic light and objective lightness of the idea, thought out but free thought processes, which open up, yearning for existential feeling.
The concept takes on harmonious shape in each and every creation, where the impression of life is modelled and the footprint of the spirit initialled.

Prof. Enzo Dall'Ara, Art Critic