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"Dal caos all'ordine" (From Chaos to Order)
Florence, 3rd - 29th November 2003

"I 50 anni del DNA" (The 50 years of DNA)
The 2003 event of NOVEMBRE STENSENIANO took place in Florence at the Istituto Niels Stensen, Viale Don Minzoni 25/a, fifty years after the discovery of the structure of DNA, which took place in 1953.
On this occasion, artist from Faenza, Goffredo Gaeta, ceramist and sculptor of international fame was invited to set up a personal exhibition dealing with this issue.
Celebrating the 50 years of DNA meant not only being aware of the scientific importance of the event but also, and indeed especially, examining the characteristics of the new emerging and indeed problematic horizon, in all its many facets, and in particular in all its ethical implications and possible anthropological and social consequences.

"Son of man"? This is the basic question, fraught with complex implications. Do we perhaps find ourselves on the threshold of the biotechnological production of life and of man himself?
So, what models of existence and responsibility do the prospects of genetic research and biotechnology, just 50 years after the discovery of DNA, take us towards?

The artist admirably translates these issues in his works, using different materials like steel, glass castings and ceramics, as are congenial to him in his artistic expressions.