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Artistic glass partitions
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia): Roof of a 100m² patio, produced using pieces of blown glass and decorated by firing, applied to stratified glass; connectors in valuable wood join the decorative elements, and are anchored to the cement and steel bearing structure. The decoration of the centrally oriented glazing was inspired by the light and colours of the kaleidoscope.
Glazing mounted in a lacquered wooden door stile, at the entrance of an old restructured palazzo. The unusual design of the door frame inspired the cosmic theme of the whole work.
Glass partition featuring several levels, used as a dividing wall for the environment.
Ground mounted glass partition which lights up the entrance. This piece is understood as pictorial and dynamic expression, inspired by the elements of earth, water and air. Produced using old pieces of glass, as well as fluorescent and kiln-fired glass, the support is made of stratified glass.
Decorative element for the dining-room of a large restaurant.
Rosette made for the facade of the Church Archpriest of Solarolo.
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