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"Exhibition at the MIC"
Faenza, 16th June - 30th September 2007

The International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza introduced an exhibition formula to coincide with the 2007 International Competition for Ceramic Art dedicated to artists under forty, for honouring artists who had either been awarded or mentioned during previous editions.

In 2007, an artist from Faenza (Goffredo Gaeta), one from Italy (Pompeo Pianezzola) and one from Europe (Tony Lattimer) were invited, under the title “I Maestri del Concorso” (Masters of the Competition), once again taking up the cultural and geographical division of the “Novecento” (twentieth-century) collections at the MIC.

Goffredo Gaeta, winner of the Premio Faenza in 1970, has enjoyed a long, prestigious artistic career, not only for his ceramic production. He responded to the invitation by creating pieces which, although dipping into a personal technical, imaginative and formal repertoire he has deeply and widely experimented with, introduced outstanding new features, clearly proving that his ability to express himself through his art is still extremely fertile and vital.
Seizing the fleeting moments of the movement of the waves of the sea, of a penetrating refraction of light or a distant, shining reflection, Gaeta uses the ancient lustre technique, a favourite of his to encourage us to dream of panic participation with a natural set up, acknowledged as the womb which is most in keeping with a human adventure which is, today more and more prey to treacherous mermaids, be they mechanistic or virtual.

Franco Bertoni, Expert of modern and contemporary collections at the MIC, Curator of the 55th Premio Faenza